Reaction to the New Cabinet

SACCI welcomes the appointment of the new cabinet by President Ramaphosa. We acknowledge the statement made by the President at the event that growing the economy and fixing constraints of the country‚Äôs public finances ranked highest and were top of mind in rationalizing and combining the various portfolios in the economic cluster. … Read More

SACCI Post Election Press Statement

The national elections of 8 May 2019 have come and gone, and South Africans from all walks of life have exercised their constitutionally enshrined rights to vote to choose a leader and political party of their choice. They voted peacefully, freely and without any fear, unconstitutional influence or intimidation in making their choices. The elections were peaceful. SACCI congratulates the IEC, the political parties and all South Africans for yet another well-executed election. … Read More

8 May 2019 National Elections

The 2019 general elections for both the national and provincial legislators are upon us, and they come at a time when there are so many things to talk about, key among them being the slow pace of growth of the South African economy. … Read More