ATA Carnet

ATA Carnet

Speed through customs with your passport for goods

The ATA Carnet is in force in 81 countries to-date.

The ATA Carnet is an International Customs facilitation scheme for the temporary admission of goods into member countries. ATA Carnets permits duty-free and tax-free temporary import of goods for up to one year. ‘ATA” is an acronym of the French and English words ‘Admission Temporarire/temporary admission’.

Your passport for goods all over the world

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ATA Carnets cover...

the usual and unusual; computers, tools, photographic and film equipment, musical instruments, industrial machinery, vehicles, jewellery, clothing, medical appliances, artwork, theatrical equipment and sound systems. ATA Carnets do not cover perishable or consumable items, items already sold or offered for sale, un-mounted gems or gemstones, postal traffic, livestock, leaflets and brochures or goods for processing (calibration)or repair.



Trade Fairs/Exhibitions