SACCI remains the most broadly based representative national business body, not only in South Africa, but in Southern Africa, focusing primarily on national and international issues.

As the “Voice of Business” SACCI assists its members by preparing and submitting policy positions on business related issues to government. i.e. International Trade, Taxation, Economic Affairs, Labour and Company Wellness, Education & Training, Information Technology, SADC, NEPAD, Small Business, Transport and Regulatory Affairs. SACCI also interacts with many other agencies on business issues. During the year, SACCI holds various informative seminars and presentations using top Government and noteworthy speakers.

Why join a Chamber

What can businesspersons gain from the chamber movement?

Through its constituent chambers, it has a total membership of close to 20 000 businesses, most of them small and medium-sized.

SACCI is represented on several external bodies, where valuable contributions are made to decision-making in a specified field. SACCI is represented on a number of government bodies, which further enhances the status of the chamber movement as the voice of business in South Africa.

Furthermore, SACCI is represented on regional bodies such as the Association of SADC Chambers of Commerce and Industry and working groups linked to the SADC Protocols.

SACCI has signed co-operation agreements with many national chambers of commerce and industry worldwide.

This all adds up to a formidable network of business contacts and widespread opportunities to share knowledge and experiences.

Please contact SACCI to find out how you can
join a chamber in your area.

Membership Benefits

Corporate Members of SACCI enjoy the following:

  • Direct access to SACCI, its management and Board structures
  • Membership at Council and allocated seats on the SACCI Board
  • Access to a broad range of information affecting business
  • Input into macro policy formulation
  • Interact with all business sectors, legislators, government agencies and international and regional bodies and government representatives, through the organisation.
  • Participate in business transformation at a macro level.
  • Benefit from research as conducted on matters of national and sectoral interest.
  • Participate and received feedback on business related activities including into NEDLAC.
Information & participation participate in activities linked to organizations such as:
  • World Economic Forum (WEF)
  • World Bank
  • International Standards Organisation (ISO)
  • NEPAD Business Foundation (NBF) – The New Partnership for Africa’s Development)
  • Business and Industry Advisory Committee to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
  • International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and its massive global network
  • Direct access to government Ministers and senior officials, trade union and community leaders.
  • Nominate representation to serve on SACCIs various committees and structures.
  • Nominate representation to serve on external national and international bodies / committees.
  • Have access to lobbying structures at the highest business levels in the country.
  • Networking with business leaders and experts across various industries and professions.
  • Nominate representatives from time to time to attend sponsored international training events, including development in the macro business environment.
  • Subject to availability, access to SACCI’s venues.
Expert advice on / participate in:
  • National legislation and policy
  • Trade
  • Transformation
  • Small / Micro Enterprise (SME) Development
  • Key research through rapid deployment of the SACCI linkages into the research and consulting industry
  • Facilitate within reason meetings within our membership in respect of like-minded business people (BTB)
  • SACCI is the only organization in the country authorized (through the ICC) to assist business with the issuing of the ATA Carnet
  • The SACCI Business Confidence Index is seen as an important barometer of our economy

SACCI is constantly adding more benefits for our members – keep an eye for new benefits being added all the time.


  • The highest authority in SACCI is the Annual Convention, where all categories of members determine the broad policy of the chamber by means of Convention resolutions.
  • Provincial Congresses are held to enable constituent chambers to deliberate on regional/provincial issues and to identify matters that require national consideration.
  • The chamber movement maintains close contact with government at all levels – local, provincial and national.
  • SACCI is also represented directly on the various chambers of NEDLAC, (the National Economic Development and Labour Council), the national tripartite economic and social policy advisory body.
  • Government officials attend the SACCI Annual National Convention and provincial congresses and participate in the debates. The resolutions of the Convention and congresses are conveyed to the government both by letter and by deputation. Meetings with Cabinet Ministers are held and interviews with officials take place regularly.
  • Government interacts with SACCI on issues that affect business, including proposed legislation. SACCI, in turn, consults its constituent chambers before submitting the matter firstly to the appropriate Standing Committee for discussion and report, and then preparing a considered comment.

Fuel benefits

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