In a statement issued by the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI), the CEO of SACCI Mr Alan Mukoki said:

The South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry would like to express its shock and disgust against the act of criminality that took place on the N3 last night in which trucks ferrying goods were destroyed wantonly and extensive damage to property took place. We also note that there was loss of life and this is highly unacceptable. Whilst the Bill of Rights guarantees every citizen the rights to free assembly, association and freedom of speech, these rights also come with an obligation not to interfere with other people’ s rights as well.

We call on the law enforcement agencies to leave no stone unturned in investigating this criminality and bringing these criminals to book. The full might of the law should be brought hard to stem this culture of violence that is now accompanying any protest in South Africa.

As we move ahead with the celebrations of the international workers Day on the 1st May, we urge all South Africans and social partners to reflect on the issues challenging our economy with the triple challenge of unemployment, poverty and inequality. We urge in particular, our social partners who represent big Labour, to exercise restraint in calling for and supporting unnecessary Labour unrest, whilst we are dealing with the issues and challenges affecting our economic recovery.

Contact: Mr Alan Mukoki                                               082 551 1159

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