In a statement issued by the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI), the CEO of SACCI Mr Alan Mukoki said:

The recent stretches of load shedding are having a devastating negative impact on business. It is clear that the longer these rolling blackouts continue, the longer it is going to take for the economy to recover. We are concerned about potential job losses and business closures arising out of what appears to be an intractable problem.

The recent media conference by Eskom and the Department of Public Enterprises did not assist business in gaining any confidence that we are on top of the situation.

Whilst the media conference was long on identifying and explaining the problems, the presentation was short on effective solutions that have clear time lines. We are none the wiser in knowing when and whether this big risk is going to be resolved permanently.

Business calls on government to take bold and decisive steps to solve the problem. These steps should include a review of whether the current resource allocation in people, systems, capital and ideas is even adequate.

The high prospects of job losses, and damage that this is likely to cause to economic growth cannot be overstated. This crisis is draining enthusiasm and likely to lead to lower levels of investor confidence.

We urge the government to put in the right, most competent and highly experienced people in resolving the problems of Eskom. This can no longer be business as usual.

The many committees and task teams on top of one another, internally and externally, do not make happy reading as the lines of responsibility and accountability are getting blurred. From the outside it is not clear who is in charge at Eskom.

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