In a statement issued by the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI), the CEO of SACCI Mr Alan Mukoki said: 

The silence associated with the high levels of anticipation and anxiety of what kind of cabinet, and specifically who will or will not be in the cabinet that President Ramaphosa is expected to appoint in the next few days, is the most topical issue since the elections. This is probably the event with the highest and most significant impact in the economy. South Africans have borne the brunt of the poor performance of the economy, high levels of crime, corruption, and high unemployment among the other adverse factors. 

What is top of mind for many South Africans is what kind of government the President will be appointing to execute on the will of South Africans, and not just those who voted for the ANC. South Africans are united in their demands and expectations that competence and credibility rank highest among the many factors that the President should consider in making executive appointments in key portfolios: 

SACCI is of a view that who the President appoints to his cabinet should win the confidence of South Africans who can trust him as leader of a new government. The right tone can only be set by an overhaul of government’s HR policy. Government has to amend its recruitment policy to enable it to aggressively compete with the private sector in recruiting, attracting and retaining the most talented personnel. 

The next point would be to introduce a progressive performance and competence management system in government. The President needs to urgently set out a solid roadmap for forcing a culture of competence and the right personal and professional values in government. 

Contact: Mr Alan Mukoki 082 551 1159 

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