Rewards & Benefits

Rewards & Benefits

SACCI Membership brings many benefits and rewards to their members.

Insurance benefit

Ongeza Life

Ongeza Life is an authorized financial services provider (FSP No. 50004), underwritten by Guardrisk Life, a member of Momentum Metropolitan Holdings.The company has developed a world-first life insurance policy that will never lapse, and no debit orders required. The policy, called Ongeza Life Plan (OLP) is structured to cover the consumer for life upon buying tranches of cover on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Most traditional insurance policies are structured in a way that requires you as a consumer to sign a debit order so that premiums can be debited from your bank account monthly.

If a debit order fails for, say, 2 consecutive months, the policy lapses and the consumer effectively ‘lose’ all the premiums paid in the past. This is normally very painful to the consumer.

Furthermore, there are many consumers who do not have a regular income and the debit order system becomes impractical as some months will have no income. Such consumers will therefore shy away from buying life insurance for fear of the policy lapsing.

You as the consumer chooses the amount of once-off premium you can afford (subject to a minimum of R500) and our system calculates an amount of cover this premium can buy you for the rest of your life. Alternatively, you choose the amount of cover for life required, and our system calculates the amount of once-off premium you will be required to pay. You can then top-up your cover at any time whenever you have some extra cash. Every top-up adds cumulatively to all the cover you have bought in the past, and this remains yours for life. The policy will never lapse, there is no medical underwriting, and no debit orders.

Every Rand you pay buys you some amount of cover that will remain yours for the rest of your life!

OLP is the only life insurance product in the market that allows you as the consumer the flexibility to choose when to buy and how much to buy for your life cover without any risk of lapsing.

Pricing is based on age, gender, and level of income.

Illustrate by examples:

Maggie, a female aged 25 and earning a gross income of R26 000 pm can pay R1 000 once-off and get a cover of R7 980 for life. One year later, she tops-up by paying R2 000, and this buys her an additional R17 576 cover for life, bringing her cumulative cover to R25, 556. In year 3, she buys another top-up by paying R3 000 and this buys her an additional R25, 880, bringing her cumulative cover to R51 436. This is cover for life. It will never reduce and never lapse. Maggie can continue topping up until her cover reaches R1m.

Thabo, a male aged 30 and earning a gross income of R28 000 pm wishes to buy cover amounting to R30 000 but he does not have an immediate once-off premium of nearly R6 000. He can pay R1000 per month for 6 months, and each payment buys him R5 300 worth of cover for life. So, he will be covered for R5 300 in month 1, and this cover will increase by R5 300 each month after he has paid a top-up premium of R1 000, until his cumulative cover reaches an amount of R31 800 in month 6. He can then stop paying premiums and he will remain covered for R31 800 for the rest of his life. He can also continue topping up his cover in future if he so wishes.

Normal waiting period of 6 months applies for death due to natural causes. No waiting period for accidental deaths.

Ongeza life is most suited for:

  • Active employees to use a portion of their annual bonus
  • Irregular income earners, e.g. commission earners, artists, free-lancers, street vendors, taxi operators etc..
  • Retirement funds withdrawals – use a portion of the lump sum paid out from the provident fund to buy cover for life
  • Self-employed consumers
  • Retrenchments – use a portion of the retrenchment package to buy cover for life
  • Stokvel members, using a portion of the rotational payment, and topping up whenever next round of payment comes through
  • Members of the diaspora in SA – to build up for repatriation costs
  • Seasonal income earners, e.g. farmers sportsmen and sportswomen
  • Burial Societies, Friendly Societies, Church Groups

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Bringing life cover to your life

Wills & Estate Planning

Appleton is South Africa’s premier independent fiduciary services company and is proud to provide a full suite of fiduciary services dedicated to SACCI members. With over 100 years of collective fiduciary experience, Appleton has offices in all the major urban areas of South Africa. Setting the standard in fiduciary services, Appleton is totally focussed on providing SACCI members with the highest levels of service, professionalism and efficiency.

SACCI has negotiated with Appleton the following special rates and services for its members:

Appleton provides a no cost Will drafting service to all qualifying SACCI members who are in good standing.

Appleton provides SACCI members with a special discounted rate of 2,75% estate administration fee. This is a considerable saving on the standard tariff of 3,5% of estate value.

Appleton provides all qualifying SACCI members with safe custody of their Wills at no cost.

Appleton updates all qualifying SACCI members’ Appleton Wills at no cost as required.

Appleton provides a no cost Appleton Will review service to all qualifying SACCI members.

Appleton provides each qualifying SACCI member with an emergency contact card containing all relevant Appleton contact details at no cost.

Appleton provides all qualifying SACCI members with a quarterly newsletter at no cost, updating them on relevant issues concerning fiduciary services.

Appleton completes Will drafting for all qualifying SACCI members within 72 hours of receipt of complete and accurate Will application forms.

A senior Appleton Wills and Executorships Administrator is dedicated to and responsible for the administration of all SACCI members Wills and Estates.

Lifestyle benefits

Just Rewards

SACCI has partnered with Just Rewards to offer members discounted Lifestyle Benefits at various food and leisure outlets.