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The following documents may prove useful to your organisation:

  • Numbering Plan Regulations - Commentary
    (July 2004)
    [doc 27K]
  • Number Portability Regulations - Commentary
    (Aug 2004)
    [doc 31K]
  • Convergence Bill - Commentary
    (Feb 2004)
    [doc 40K]
  • Interception and Monitoring Bill - Commentary
    (Aug 2001)
    [doc 30K]

For further information on Telecommunications, please contact:

Peggy Droskie
Tel: 011 446 3806
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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The main objective of the SMME Policy Desk is to represent the interests of business in the SMME arena through local chambers by:

  • Lobbying to create an environment conducive for Small, Micro, and Medium enterprises to thrive in.
  • Working together with chambers to design and develop products that appeal to members who are categorized in this sector.
  • Identifying national, provincial and local government policies that present opportunities or are detrimental to SMME's and ensuring that our members take advantage of the opportunities, while remaining vigilant of policies that may be detrimental to their development.
  • Involving members directly in addressing challenges that are facing them and canvassing their opinions on matters of importance through the SACCI SMME Committee.
  • Collecting, assessing, and disseminating information regarding sources of help relevant to the SMME sector for the benefit of members.
  • Continuously exploring opportunities for business linkages between businesses locally and abroad, and exploring market access opportunities for our members.

To have your business interests advanced we urge you to become a member of your local chamber of commerce and industry.

For further information contact:
Peggy Drodskie on 011-446-3800

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The drum roll has ended and it’s time to get down to business….  

Today, 8 December 2009, marks the start of the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen, where delegations from 192 nations will meet over the next 11 days to thrash out a new global climate deal. Our own Richard Worthington and Tasneem Essop are attending the conference on behalf of WWF-SA, following the negotiations and lobbying country delegates for a FAIR, AMBITIOUS and BINDING agreement.  

South Africa has a critical role to play in the negotiations and continues to take a progressive stance on climate change. In the words of Richard, “we are hopeful and resolute” that a successful outcome will be reached. I attach the opening press release as well as a press release with WWF’s reaction to emission reduction commitments made by the South African government today. This commitment is hugely significant, as one of the blockages in the negotiations has been the failure of developing nations to agree to such targets.


COP 15 -Time to Act on Calls from millions of People
WWF Commends South Africa's Emmissions Reduction Committment

We will do our best to keep you all updated with relevant information as the negotiations progress, sharing any major wins/breakthroughs.

All the best

For a Living Planet

Jenny Williams - Corporate Relations Officer
Tel:            +27 11 262 9460
Direct Fax: 086 631 6273
Mobile:      +27 82 891 2151
Email:        This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


WWF  for a living planet®

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    SACCI addresses all aspects of Education, Training and Skills Development relevant to business.

    The following documents may prove useful to your organisation:

    • Claiming of Skills Development Grants - Survey
      [doc 43K]
    • How to Claim Skills Development Grants
      [doc 45K]
    • Learnerships Income Tax Act
      [pdf 32K]
    • Useful Abbreviations and Acronyms
      [doc 26K]

    For further information on Education & Training, please contact:

    Tel: (011) 446-3800


    Government Department Web Sites

    SETA Web Sites

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    The purpose of this committee is to consider and address all aspects of policy and performance issues related to labour. 
    The committee will be the key contributor to the formulation of SACCI policy positions on labour related matters.  
    The committee will further lead and report to a roundtable discussion of SACCI members and provide guidance as to what the key themes should be. 
    The committee will also be expected to apply its collective mind to emerging threats and opportunities as they relate to labour issues for the benefit of SACCI members.

    Chairman: Ivan Israelstom

    LABOUR PROJECT 2009/2010

    The SACCI Labour Affairs Committee has embarked on a project titled “Job Growth”. A document describing the project is attached for your information and reference. The committee extends and invitation to members to participate in the project, which, as can be seen from the attachment, will provide considerable benefits to participants. We would value if you would please indicate your willingness to contribute to the project by replying to Peggy Drodskie at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Fax 086 549 1106.

    Did you know:
    Pay Instead of Annual Leave
    Employers may not pay workers instead of granting leave, except on termination of employment. (Based on Legislation in Section 21, of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act). 

    The following documents may prove useful to your organisation:

    • Code of Good Practice - Who is an Employee?  [pdf 2115KB]
    • Social Transformation: Interact and Succeed?  [pdf 39K]
    • COIDA - How to Claim for Occupational Injuries [doc 30K]
    • Skills Development Levies Act [doc 21K]
    • Labour Market Flexibility - what does it mean? [doc 32K]
    • Unemployment Insurance Act, Constructive Dismissal [doc 27K]
    • Code of Good Conduct - A Guide for Small Employers [doc 30K]
    • NEDLAC Code of Good Practice on the Handling of Sexual Harassment Cases [doc 32K]

    For further information on Labour, please contact:

    Tel: (011) 446-3800


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