Friday, 12 February 2016 14:18


In a statement issued today the CEO of SACCI, Mr. Alan Mukoki, said:

The South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI) welcomes the references to the issues that face South Africa and the need to take action to address them as highlighted in the State of the Nation Address delivered by President Zuma on 11 February. He appropriately expressed sentiments that impediments to economic growth should take centre stage and that obstacles to economic growth needed to be removed. However, more details on implementation are necessary.


SACCI welcomes and notes the following comments by President Zuma:

  • The need for a resilient and fast growing economy to facilitate transformation and the National Development Plan
  • His focus on State Owned Enterprises and the strengthening of the role that they play in the South African economy. SACCI looks forward to the implementation of the recommendations of the Presidential Review Committee in this regard.
  • The recognition that the country must do what it can not to lose its investment grade status from ratings.
  • The necessity to create an effective investment support infrastructure, the need to cut red tape coupled with the establishment of an Inter-Ministerial Committee on Investment Promotion. Considering that the objective of the committee is to ensure the success of investment promotion initiatives, SACCI would like to see business participation in this structure.
  • The President’s reference to policy certainty was to the mining sector only. While SACCI welcomes this statement, it would like to see the principle applied to all policy and legislation and the socio-economic impact assessments done on all proposed policies
  • In order to address the structural unemployment that exists in South Africa, the country needs qualified and experienced persons. In this regard, SACCI looks forward to the Migration Policy that will hopefully offer solutions in this area.
  • The commitment to cut wasteful government expenditure is noted and SACCI looks forward to further details in the Budget to be delivered by Hon Pravin Gordhan on 24 February. By wasteful expenditure, we mean expenditure which is not commensurate with the values received. The government should however be cautious in not cutting the type of expenditure which leads to supplier companies closing down and the resultant job losses.

SACCI also notes the feedback on achievements over the past twelve months and wishes to encourage government on what has been accomplished. We wish to reiterate SACCI’s positions to the government to eliminate red-tape and speed up delivery.

SACCI confirms that business is prepared and willing to assist government in addressing the urgent issues that have been identified.


Contact: Alan Mukoki – CEO - 082 551 1159