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March 2017 - Trade Expectations weaken notably TRADE CONDITIONS SURVEY


The Trade Conditions Survey has been facilitated by SACCI for a number of years. The aim is to broaden the survey's coverage to include all members of organised business and to allow business participants to obtain valuable insight into their immediate trade environment. SACCI, therefore, invites all members of organised business institutions affiliated to ChamSA to participate in this survey. SACCI is involved in analysing and reviewing the survey results and presenting it is a business friendly format on a monthly basis, only ten days after each month-end.

The Trade Conditions Survey is conducted monthly and the results reflect business's view on South African trade conditions. The survey provides the following two main indicators:

  • SA Trade Activity Index (SATAI)
    Measures the view of business on current trade activity
  • SA Trade Expectations Index (SATEI)
    Measures business's expectations of trade conditions six months ahead

Purpose and Use of the Survey

As this survey is conducted amongst businesses, it reflects a very recent business assessment of the trade environment in the country. The results from the survey are of benefit to all business decision makers, economists and other analysts.

Although the SATAI and SATEI are the two most prominent indeces of the survey, the overview of trading conditions also reports on inventory holdings, new orders, backlog on orders received, supplier deliveries, input and selling-price movements, export and import activity of business, and job creation activities and prospects.

The results for provinces, metropolitan areas, cities or even town could become available as the survey expands and as participation rates for areas justify more detailed assessments. However, this more detailed information and review of regional trade conditions will only be available to SACCI and participants to the survey.

To become a respondent in the Trade Conditions Survey, businesses must register on the following web site: www.tradecon.co.za.

Participants will then be prompted monthly to complete a short questionnaire on the web site. General survey results will be announced monthly, and will also be made available on the following web sites: www.sacci.org.za and www.finforum.co.za/absa

For more information, please contact Richard Downing on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

2017 Trade Conditions Survey

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December 2015 - Depressed Trade Conditions

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June 2014 - Trade Expectations Weaken

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March 2014 - Trade Activity Restrained but Steady

February 2014 - ImprovedTrade Activity

January 2014- Further Deterioration of Trade Conditions

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